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Sardis: Wake Up! The Comatose Congregation

Church #5 of 7: Sardis.  Sardis – a city of wealth and fame.  Things were easy for the people of Sardis – the cost of living was high, but the people of Sardis could afford it – living the life of luxury.  The church of Sardis gets the hardest message to digest of all of them.  No kudos.  They had become sleepy/comatose.  Jesus even calls them ‘dead.’  

There is hope for them that will require ‘waking up!’  What caused their comatose situation?  How did they lose their spiritual fire and fervor?  As a follower of Christ, I am aware of the ups and downs of spiritual fervor.  We will explore some possible reasons why the church had been lulled to sleep… the forces at work are not always from outside, they may have actively taken the ‘sleeping pills’ that led to their situation.

Again, not all is lost.  Jesus words are meant to call them (us) back through remembering, repentance, and strengthening in a return to lively engagement in promoting God’s message and mission.

See you Sunday (Don’t forget we have Trunk or Treat this coming Saturday from 5-7pm at church.  

Be salty and shine!

Pastor Mark  

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