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Psalm 32: Confession

Mark and Devin during the 2019 Leadville 100 bike race

Back in the saddle – and galloping at high speed!  Time away from the everyday is always good.  And its also good to get back to the daily rhythm.  It was a wonderful 1st week of time alone and with Deone, family, and friends in the mountains.  A good week of refreshment and relaxation – hiking, biking, with the attempt to complete the yearly race goal of the Leadville 100 race.  My buddy Devin and I, with support of family crew, completed the race in record time on a tandem (record time for us!).  A perfect day for racing feeling strong throughout.  Thank you God for ability, strength, generosity of friends (borrowed a sweet tandem bike), and just about everything went as well as expected from weather, to body/mind/soul peeking at the right time, no mechanical failures – etc.  Every year I am overwhelmed with emotion when nearing the finish line.  Lots of stories around this years race event but I won’t take up space here.

The 2nd week was a quick turn around and flight to Boston, MA with a couple days of hiking, biking and leisure with Deone in Acadia NP.  Awesome – totally awesome. Then a road trip through New Hampshire to Danville, VT and connection with Danny Painter and Jessica Jenks and their family and friends for a weekend of wedding rehearsal, prep, and Saturday wedding.  A great celebration with them as Daniel and Jessica are returning to us after some vow making as husband and wife.  A delightful experience.  Just as the couple was pronounced husband and wife (outside venue for wedding and reception), the clouds burst open and we all ran for the tent for the reception.  Through periodic torrential downpours and quick trips to the taco truck all evening, we were safely under the tent celebrating.  

Now its back to the job I love with the people and place I love, Crestview Church in Boulder CO.  We continue our summer series in the first 51 Psalms with two more messages: Psalm 32: CONFESSION and Psalm 46: HOPE.  Then after a holiday weekend we have our fall kickoff on September 8th with a Pancake breakfast and outdoor service.  Then our fall schedule kicks into full swing!  Loving you all in the name of Jesus.  Remember, the best way for others to know God and what a relationship with God can look like is through you.  So ‘shine and be salty’ for the glory of his name.  The Crestview faith community is the best kept secret in Boulder CO.  Why keep it a secret?   Let’s share!

In the name of Jesus 

Pastor Mark

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