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Psalm 23: Comfort

I have been spiritually blown away this week in preparation for Sunday’s message on Psalm 23.  I think this is for a few reasons: 1) God is amazing and the way he speaks through his timeless Word is amazing. 2) spending intensive time in the Psalms fuels me as the inter-related ‘ness’ of the Psalms is powerfully insightful.  They seem to fit together like a puzzle, completing the picture of human existence and experience with the Living God.

Psalm 23 has been a favorite of God’s people for centuries.  It speaks powerful truth about who God is and how he cares for his people.  Yet, I think that many people miss the central point of the Psalm by taking the Psalm out of its context (the life of a shepherd and sheep).  Most people read Psalm 23 through the lens of envisioning a kind of utopia.  However, after some contextualization of David’s time and a trip to Israel and walking the land, my view of Psalm 23 have been flipped upside down.  

Rather than tip my hand as to the direction of the message for Sunday, I’ll see you on Sunday or you can tune in to the podcast after Sunday to see and understand where this weeks message if going.  Looking forward to Sunday – Installation of elders/deacons, worship through Psalm 42 and 23, and celebration of Communion.  

Looking forward, God is ‘preparing a table before us,’


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