Lent 2, 7th Command: Fearing God in a Permissive World

Hey people!  This week things get easier as we move from the 6th commandment Do not kill to the 7th commandment Do not commit adultery.  Hmmmm…. not true.  The scope of this commandment (Sexuality) and the issues surrounding it have huge implications for our living together.  Easier?  No.  Relevant?  Yes.       

Once again, God places gracious boundaries around the wonderful gift of sexuality for our flourishing.  We will explore together the implications of this command this coming Sunday.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:13-18 in preparation for this message.  What does it mean that ‘our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?’  And what are the implications for our expressions and enjoyment of sexuality in light of that statement by the Apostle Paul?  

Today in our culture (we) are hyper sexualized and are surrounded by an ‘anything goes’ mentality of sexual expression.  And pornography is becoming one of the most prolific and distorting forces in destroying in relationships.    

What is God calling us to be and do in the midst of our culture that sets us apart from the people’s around us?  Just like the context of ancient Israel, God calls us to be holy and a shining light in the midst of such cultural forces.  

Lets dive in again Sunday – real issues in real time for real people,
Peace in Jesus name,

Pastor Mark 

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