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Bread and Wine or Body and Blood?

This Sunday is week three of our series on the Lord’s Supper.  We explored Jesus claim, “I am the bread of life!” and his invitation to a filling of our hunger and a quenching of our thirst.  We peered into the early church of Corinth and grappled with Paul’s teaching about the ‘how’ we celebrate communion that brings honor or dishonor to the celebration.

This week, we dive into the words of Jesus as he presents a challenging reality, “Unless you eat my body and drink my blood, you have no life in you.”  What does that mean?  For certain, this became a big hurdle for those who heard this teaching to overcome as many who followed Jesus up to this point in his ministry turned away.

Part of the problem for Jesus hearers is that they had deep traditions that included the Passover feast.  And Jesus was turning their understandings of this celebration and the sacrificial system upside down.  Jesus essentially challenges their complete understanding of this central feast of their Jewish identity.

We will unpack this teaching and look at the Christian churches understanding of this  We will also dive into how this carries over into our celebration of the Lord’s Supper today and finally, celebrate communion together!

Can’t wait,  see you Sunday if not before,

Pastor Mark

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