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The Lord’s Supper: Discerning the Body

Cruising into 2019 and liking the direction of our message this week.  This may be the most ‘exegetical’ message to date!  What that means is that this message dives deep into the cultural context, theology, and language of our text from 1 Corinthians 11:17-34.  We continue in week 2 of our 4 week series on the Lord’s Supper.

In Corinth, the early church was struggling to be a fledgling church that honors Christ in its community life together.  They had lots of challenges from rejecting their pagan past and in embracing their new found community in Christ.  Interesting issues affected their life together in sorting out what it means to not only believe in Jesus but then to live it out faithfully.

Sounds not much different than today.  In Corinth, the early church came together and celebrated the fellowship meal and the Lord’s Supper together.  However, the way they were doing it brought ‘dishonor’ to the body of Christ.  What does that mean and what were they doing that brought judgment on themselves as they ‘eat and drank’ together?  Come Sunday and find out more… and more than that, come and experience the body of Christ!

In Christ, we are set apart, but not alone.  We have the Spirit of Christ and one another.

Pastor Mark


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