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Advent 3: Relationship, Social Psychology, and Shepherds

A Universe of Promise: From Creation to its full Consummation at the end of all things!  Our Advent series has been a wonderful adventure of looking deeper into the narrative of Luke 2.  Who were these characters (Caesar, Angels, Shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and Jesus) and why do they matter?

We looked at Caesar and the political world of Jesus birth, a tale of two kingdoms.  We looked at the angels bursting on the scene in brilliance and then ‘poof’ they return to heaven.  Why such limited glimpses of God’s glory throughout the unfolding of God’s story and why so much waiting for God’s people throughout history for his Kingdom to come in all of its fullness?  And this week we look at the shepherds.  Who were they at Jesus birth?  High society class or low?  Older men or children/teenagers?  Boys or girls?  Why could that matter?

Come Sunday ready to worship our Savior Jesus!  “For to the shepherds (us) this Savior has been born” – to ordinary, common, everyday, ‘least of these persons’… just like us – like me, like you!  And that is good news!

This Sunday, we will plan to squeeze in a Christmas program, Advent Candle reading, Jesse Tree teaching, Communion, and a briefer than ‘normal’ message.  Sounds like a very full time of joy!  Come and worship.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Mark

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