Advent 2: Beauty, Arts and Angels

A Universe of Promise?  That’s right.  We live in a universe of promise.  If that is the case, where is the fulfilment of promise?  This world is filled with broken promises.  Promises are made but often not kept.  Many promises seem never to be fulfilled.

How ought we to understand God’s promise given at Jesus birth: “To you a Savior has been born.”  The people of God for hundreds of years were waiting for the fulfilment of the promises given to Isaiah.  They still hoped but didn’t know if they would ever see its fulfilment.

For us today the promise of God that a Savior was to be born has been fulfilled in Jesus.  Yet, everything is not well.  We do not see the kingdom of God established in all of its fullness.  There is a phrase in Biblical Theology ‘already, but not yet.’  It describes the tension we live in today between our Savior Jesus being born, finishing the work of redemption, and ushering in God’s Kingdom, yet, this ‘Kingdom come’ seems incomplete.

How are we to understand this in the midst of the brokenness of everyday 21st century life on earth?  Hmmm… Maybe the Angels can help us understand.  Maybe Jesus name of Immanuel can help us understand.  Maybe the hope, joy, and peace that has been an essential expression of the Christian Church throughout history while in the midst of deep longing can help us understand.  See you Sunday.

We will read further into Luke Chapter 2:8-14 for Sunday’s message.  It seems like glimpses of God’s glory are brief and fleeting.  Kinda like the angel appearances in Scripture.  Here one moment in a flash of brilliance and good news – and then poof, silence.  Crickets.  Lots more about that on Sunday… God’s Peace and Good Will be with you today.

Pastor Mark

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