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A Universe of Promise: Justice, Political Economy and Caesar.

Its here – Advent 2018!  As we begin our Advent journey be aware of the use of your time and the strength of your commitments.  Be intentional with the spirit of the season by avoiding the rush of activities, the hustle and bustle of our commercial culture, and the over scheduling of events.  Carve out intentional time with God in regular Sunday worship, daily reflection in Word and prayer, meaningful connection with those closest to you, and seek opportunities to bless some others.  Or what will almost certainly happen is your life will be swallowed up with other things and the holidays pass by with more regret than joy, more fatigue than rest, more anxiety than peace.  When it comes to the Christmas season – less is more.

With that mini sermon (word of wisdom) in mind, our focus for Advent will be on Luke 2.  We will walk through this epic Christmas story with eyes on different characters.  Each of our five Advent worship experiences will weekly focus on Caesar (Political Economy and Justice), Angels (Beauty and the Arts), Shepherds (Family and Relationships), Mary and Joseph (Listening and Faith) and Jesus (The Reason for it All).

For this Sunday, Advent 1 – December 2nd, we will take a look at the rulers of zero AD: Caesar Augustus, Quirinius, and Herod the Great.  Why does Luke even mention these people?  Could it be that Luke is setting up a ‘Tale of Two Kingdoms’?  Luke is a very detailed writer and includes names and places for a definite reason.  It probably has something to do with the main themes of his Gospel: The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost (and save what was lost..). and Today, a Savior is born to you, he is Christ the Lord! 

See you Sunday!
Pastor Mark

Hike to the Star this coming Saturday, December 1st, meet at church at 5:30pm!

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