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Earth Keeping and Care Taking

We are entering Worldview Week 2.  Last week we saw God’s amazing design creating ex nihilo (out of nothing), calling order out of tohu wabohu (chaos), separating matter with boundaries/governing laws and filling the creation with living things, and finally, it was GOOD.   

This week we are focusing in on the mandate God gave to Adam and Eve (humanity) in Genesis 1:26-28.  What does it mean to be a ‘steward’ of God’s creation?  When we observe our world we notice that the created order is made up of cycles upon cycles, cycles within cycles, cycles of cycles… all designed for our good and for the flourishing of life.

On Sunday, we will name seven cycles of God’s design that support life on earth, followed by seven ways in which these cycles are degraded, and finally, what are some principles that can help us to navigate the stewarding of creation well.  (Earthwise by Calvin B. DeWitt is a foundation for this message.)

Strap on your seatbelt for this one – much ground to cover.  In download, we will dive into another concept of Creation Care: How do we balance the care of creation with environmental, social, human, and economic needs?  Sounds like a good discussion for download :).

See you Sunday if not before.  Pray for the world, pray for our city, and pray for your neighbor.

Pastor Mark

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