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Let there be… Order

Two years ago in the fall of 2016, we engaged in a four week worldview series on Genesis 1-3.  I want to revisit this and dive deeper into where the ‘rubber hits the road’ by zeroing in on four specifics that Genesis 1-3 informs: Boundaries, Creation Stewardship, Human Relationships, and ‘What Went Wrong and What Now?’

Many of us have some kind of vision deficiency.  What’s your diagnosis?  Nearsighted?  Farsighted?  Myopia?   A worldview is like a pair of glasses, a set of contacts – a way in which we view the world.   A Worldview is a set of beliefs and assumptions – a conception-philosophy-outlook of the world that informs our living in the world.  A worldview guides us in making sense of our world.  Its how one sees life and their place in it… it involves our understanding of knowledge, values, what is good, true, right, beautiful – it informs and shapes purpose and meaning.  A worldview is like a road map determining priorities, can help explain our relationship to God and other people, help us assess the meaning of events in our life, and significantly guide our decisions and actions in life.  Michael Palmer says it this way, “A worldview can lead us in our understanding of what is authentically real.”

This is important stuff – what is our worldview and how does it inform your everyday life?  Genesis (beginnings) is a powerful informer of worldview.  As you read Genesis 1 in prep for Sunday, notice the structure of boundaries.  God definitely placed boundaries for our good and flourishing in the created order.  But Genesis says much more about boundaries in the physical created order… MUCH more.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Mark

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