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A Missional Life: Jonah 1: Try and Run

Into our faith community for the next four weeks comes the Biblical story of Jonah. So also, message of the Book of Jonah to the people of God is also coming to our faith community over the next four weeks: God’s Call for HisPeople, Repentance and God’s Justice/Mercy, Running from God’s Call on our Lives, and God’s Concern and Grace for the People of the World.

Jonah is an amazing book in its message, story and literary quality – a masterpiece.  Every word matters.  Its pithy and filled with adventure and challenging truth. It also filled with stunning irony.  Can’t wait to explore this book with you.

For Sunday, read Jonah chapter 1.  Don’t read any further 🙂   Let’s be surprised by the text as we walk through the next 4 weeks together.  Ask yourself Who is the main actor/character of the first chapter? and Where do you see irony in the first chapter?  

See you Sunday!
Pastor Mark

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