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Canons of Dordt: Why It Matters?

Here we go… We wrap up our Creeds and Confessions series over the next two more weeks by looking intently at the Canons of Dordt and the Heidelberg Catechism.  Both of these documents were born out of the rough and tumble period of 16th Century church history known as the Reformation.

This week we dive into the Canons of Dordt (not to be confused with cannons that fire shot put size, musket like metal through the air at ones opponent in war.)  However, these were serious matters to people of the Reformation and theological sparing and theological barbs were fired at one another throughout this time period.

The Canons of Dordt is the response of the reformers to the teachings of Jacob Arminius, later known as Arminianism.  The followers of Arminius’ teachings wrote up five points of doctrine known as the Remonstrance of 1610.  It focused on key disagreements on issues of Depravity, Atonement, Election, Grace and the Permanence of Grace.  The Canons of Dordt are the reformers rebuttal to Arminianism.

We are diving in deep this coming Sunday, make sure to bring your brain as well as your heart to worship.  We are going to worship through the 5 main doctrines of the Canons of Dordt this Sunday.  And either this week or next, conclude our worship service with Communion.  Why? Because these final two confessions center around our understanding of Grace.  Grace is grace because Salvation belongs to God alone!  Stay tuned!

See you Sunday as we walk through the Cannons of Dordt, almost like a tennis match.  Arminius serves it up and the reformers volley – five serves and five volley’s.

The picture associated with this post is from Castle Valley outside Moab, Utah.  This picture reminds me of the holy ground we will tread on when discussing matters of Salvation in God Alone.  May God bless us as we seek understanding of our faith in Jesus Christ.

In Christ alone,
Pastor Mark

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