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My Experience with the Wind and the Waves

A text for Sunday, September 9th, 2018: Romans 5:6-8, “At just the right time, when we were powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.  Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die.  But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

“The day was August 3, 2011.  All through the night and continuing into Wednesday, the wind had been blowing at gale force.  The waves had been building for hours now.  It was one of those days where my sailing buddy is looking out his family practice window, and I’m looking out my church office window at the steady bend of the trees in the wind – and our minds begin to day dream about how high the waves must be on Lake Michigan.  Our hearts begin to flutter as we can feel the pull of the rudder and the wind in the sails, the splash of water as we cut through the waves, feel the speed of the our 16’ Cat (catamaran) as we fly over the water… we can sense these things even as we sit inside our offices looking out the window… When John and I connected about noon, we both had the same thing on our minds- how can we get down to the beach and out on the water…

It was a warm day with a powerful and steady southeast wind.  As we crested the dune on the walkway leading down to the beach we stared in awe at the size and power of the waves.  And the waves were cresting and rolling over as far as we could see – consistently 10-12 feet from depth to peak and there was no end to the whitecaps…

The thrill of giving it a try was too much for us so we rigged the sails and pulled the 16 foot, nimble and fast Cat down into the water…

When the wind and waves are this violent and prolonged water volume builds up along the beach-line and forms riptides as the water finds a way of escape back out the lake.  On this day, the riptides were strong…

A coast guard officer caught our eye and frantically waved us over, wanting us to come closer.  This is where the adrenaline really kicked in – I would describe the waves as madness.  As we neared, we could see what the people were so frantically pointing at… a teenage girl was quickly being swept past them in the riptide.  She was difficult to track, as she would disappear under the waves as they passed over her.  She didn’t look good, barely able to keep her above water when she would surface again.  After a couple times of her appearing and disappearing, she was already swept past the group on the pier trying to reach her…

And this is where I didn’t really think – I just jumped…”

Here is another text for this Sunday: 2 Corinthians 5:15, 17, “He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised to life again.  If anyone is in Christ, he/she is a new creation.  The old is gone and the new is here!”

This Sunday is our outdoor fall kickoff service.  Pancake breakfast begins at 8:45am!  Followed by a 9:30am worship service.  For an outdoor service we will have an outdoor message.  The message will tell of a true life story of a blustery day on Lake Michigan with my buddy playing in the monstrous wind and waves.  God placed us in the right place at the right time to risk a rescue of a drowning girl.  Little did I know that it would be me who almost drowned before it was over.  God has given me an experience I will never forget. And through it, has imparted some truth about his love for his world that I now understand more fully.  This coming Sunday, the rest of the story.

From death to life, in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Mark

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