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Anxiety and God’s Peace

Good Morning,

As I begin this vacation time I am well aware of something, my anxiety.  I have some ideas as to where this is coming from: changing staff conditions at Crestview, lots of company in the past few weeks and a couple of fast approaching races…

What to do?  One thing that comes to mind is REMEMBER.  Anxiety is a reality of life.  Its acknowledged over and over in Scripture – by God, by the Scripture writers, over and over.  How to enter God’s rest? Remember.  God’s infinite love and amazing goodness.  A fitting goal as I enter some vacation time.

Resting in God’s abounding love for me sounds like a good place to start.  Knowing that my every breath, my every coming and going is known and cared for by God (Psalm 139).  And then out of God’s love, my love may abound.  The key: To know the depth of God’s love.  The ultimate place to rest.  (Philippians 1:9-11).  To know the humility, compassion, tenderness, and love of God through Jesus (Philippians 2:1-5).  To know Jesus in his life, death, and resurrection (Philippians 3).  To know his joy.  And for my life to flow out of his life, in all goodness (Philippians 4:4-9).  Sounds like a good place to start – to take all of my anxieties and give them over to God, he will take good care of me.  And for that matter, he will take care of all of us.

Welcome to Bob Westenbroek, former Pastor of Crestview Church (Sunday August 12th) and Pastor Jacci Busch, (Sunday August 19th) in bringing the message for our worship services.  Thank you!

One final note, I ask for your prayers as I attempt to accomplish a goal I set for myself in December of 2017.  I have wanted for some time to attempt completing the Leadville Race Series.  It consists of 5 events in Leadville, CO: Marathon, 50 mile Mountain Bike (MTB), 100 mile MTB, 10K Run, and finally, a 100 mile Trail Run.  I believe this is my mid-life crisis in turning 50 years old this past December.  I have completed the Marathon (June), 50 mile MTB (July), and this weekend I am seeking to finish the series with the last 3 events within a week: 100 MTB Saturday August 11, 10K Run Sunday August 12.  If I finish these two races this weekend within the cutoff times, it all wraps up with a 100 mile Trail Run beginning Saturday August 18.

I know this sounds like a crazy way to spend vacation and a kind of extreme mid-life crisis.  So be it.  I ask for your prayers for endurance, perseverance, patience, and peace – whatever the outcome.

In God’s hands, forever and always,

Pastor Mark

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