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This Is Living!: A Worthy Life

For a couple weeks now we have talked about created purpose and calling.  In Paul’s letter to the Philippian church he repeatedly calls them to a life ‘worthy of the gospel’.   The salvation we receive from God is a gift of grace.  And we respond to God’s salvation in gratitude by living a life ‘worthy of the gospel.’  Paul says in our text for Sunday, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel.” (1:27)

This life ‘worthy of the gospel’ is for anytime and in anyplace under any circumstance.  It’s never too late to embrace and engage God’s salvation in Jesus Christ and live the life of the Spirit.  You could say God makes us worthy to live a worthy life.

There is a song by an artist I like with great lyrics: Wandering the road of desperate life.
Aimlessly beneath a barren sky…  So afraid that you will not be found.  It won’t be long before your sun goes down…  A troubled mind and a doubter’s heart.  You wonder how you ever got this far… Vultures of darkness ate the crumbs you left.  You got no way to retrace your steps…  Just leave it to me – I’ll lead you home… Hear me calling
This life ‘worthy of the gospel’ is for anytime (the time is now) and in anyplace (this is the place) under any circumstance (matters not where you find yourself.) God is calling us to his created purpose.
What does a life worthy of the gospel look like?  Let’s take a look at it together as we study the book of Philippians this summer.  See you Sunday!  We will be participating in communion together. Summer BBQ’s kickoff this next Wed!

Pastor Mark

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