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Now This Is Church!

Is my life and your life questionable?  Are the ways that we are living cause others to question us?  I’m not hinting at, ‘Are our lives questionable?’ in a negative or sinful way.  I’m asking the question in terms of discipleship (growing in our knowledge, experience, and expression of being a follower of Christ) and evangelism (being a personal witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Are our lives questionable?  Do the things we do and say cause others to ‘question’ the way we live?  In other words, does our life cause others to wonder about the why and how behind our living, specifically, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives in giving witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Sunday, May 13th, we look at the life of the early church (Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37).  How did it express itself in individuals, in the early church community, and in their witness to the world of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

What kind of life will evoke questions in others about the how and why of our living?  What kind of life lived individually in faith and communally as a faith community would stimulate opportunity for personal and communal witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Sunday will be a day of feasting and fellowship.  We will recognize our graduates and celebrate what God is doing through the life and testimony of Margaret Njuguna and Engedi Children’s Home in Kenya.  See you Sunday!

In Jesus Name,
Pastor Mark


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