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Peter Restored: This is what it looks like!

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Peter.  What is Peter thinking?  What is he feeling and experiencing after his denial of Jesus during his crucifixion, and now that Jesus is alive, risen?  I can only imagine his guilt and shame.

Jesus tells the disciples to go to Galilee and he would meet them there.  And when Jesus invites the disciples to share a breakfast meal of fish and bread I can imagine the mixed feelings and emotions raging inside of Peter.  It would have been difficult for Peter to even make eye contact with Jesus.  As painful memories of his rejection of Jesus flood his heart and mind.

Read this amazing story from the Gospel of John chapter 21.  How does Jesus restore Peter and bring reconciliation to the relationship between them?  What do you notice about the repetition of their conversation?  What affect might this have on Peter?

Shame can be a debilitating reality.  It is probably our most limiting factor in following Jesus effectively and wholeheartedly.  In order for us to love him well, and love others well, we must come face to face with the reality of shame.  It affects all of us in powerfully negative ways, even significant ways we may not fully realize.  Jesus brings the answer to our shame.  He is the one who can free us from shame and release us to engage in an abundant life.

Come Sunday ready to receive the grace of Jesus and to give of yourself to Him,

See you Sunday, Peter Restored: This is what it looks like!  from John 21.  We will be having a second offering this week for Graduate Christian Fellowship on the campus of CU.   
Pastor Mark

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