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7 Stations of the Cross, Passion Week

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Passion Week (Passion/Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter) has arrived.  Every year, I have this experience of the Lenten Season: All of a sudden its Easter and there is some shame about not having spent the time preparing my heart for the rich spiritual blessings of this season.  The Lent season is abbreviated because of my busyness and filling my time with all kinds of ‘good’ and seemingly ‘necessary’ things, yet, I didn’t invest enough time in the preparation of my heart for Passion Week.

This week, there is an opportunity for us to spend a half hour to come to Crestview Sanctuary and go through the 7 Stations of the Cross.  Space has been prepared for you to come and spend time in preparation of your heart for Good Friday and Easter celebrations.  Only one thing remains, for you to take advantage of the opportunity, carve out a half hour this week between the hours of 7am to 7pm to visit the sanctuary and the Stations of the Cross.

Passion Week Spiritual Growth Opportunities:

  • Stations of the Cross: Daily this week, in Crestview Sanctuary from 7am to 7pm.  Self led and self guided stations for prayer, reflection, and meditation on the Stations of the Cross.  Enter through the West entrance door to the sanctuary.  Instructions on table in center isle for beginning.  You will be guided through 7 Stations: The Last Supper, In The Garden, Before Pilate, Crown of Thorns, Taking Up the Cross, Death of Jesus, and His Burial.  Each station will have a Scripture to read, a reflection for meditation, and an experience to engage in.  See you at the cross.
  • Good Friday Worship – 5:30pm.  Join us for Good Friday worship at Crestview Church at 5:30pm as we join All Souls Church for Good Friday worship service. 
  • Sunday Easter Worship 9:30am, followed by Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt.  Our worship service will be a celebration of Jesus resurrection and what that all means for life.  We will celebrate in a variety of ways!

Peace in and through Jesus our Lord,

Pastor Mark

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