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As I Have Done For You, Do For Others

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This Sunday March 18 is Passion (Palm) Sunday,

My friends, I will be leaving you soon and will not be with you much longer.  And where I am going, you cannot follow.

I invite you to join me for a celebration of all the things we have shared together, of life, laughter, and love.  I want to remind you of the important things for the future.  And I would like to show you the full extent of my love for you.

As you enter into the sanctuary for worship on Sunday, remove your shoes and enter with stocking feet.  The time we will be spending together will be holy ground.  See you at 9:30am Sunday Morning.

– – Jesus

PS: Our text for Sunday will be from John 13:1-17 as well as highlights of several of Jesus teachings.  We will imagine together what Jesus might have said to the disciples during his washing of the disciples feet.  See you Sunday!

Pastor Mark

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