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Three Testy Questions from the Peanut Gallery and One in Return

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Its Passover Week for Jesus and his disciples and their families.  He is under increasing pressure from the ruling class of Herodians, Pharisees, and Sadducees.  In our passage for Sunday (Matthew 22:15-46), the leaders come to Jesus with intent to ‘trap’ him.  The Greek word is stronger than our English translation of ‘to trap.’  The Greek has an understanding of being attached to the work of Satan and the demonic.

The intent of the leadership is to destroy Jesus.  They attempt to take Jesus down by posing a series of tricky questions on paying imperial taxes, marriage and resurrection, and the greatest commandment.  If Jesus answers one way or the other its a trap!

Ultimately, the truth that the leaders are having trouble with is being faced with a truth that they have to acknowledge or deny: Is Jesus the Messiah or not?  Jesus follows up these three questions with a tricky question of his own that leaves the leaders speechless.  They didn’t dare answer.

We will revel in Jesus masterful teaching in response to these three questions this Sunday.  For download discussion, we will focus in on the first question and answer of Jesus about paying the imperial tax.  What is due the government and what is due to God?  What is the authority of the state and the authority of God meet?  How are we to understand this relationship? Sounds like a testy conversation to me 🙂

Three Testy Questions from the Peanut Gallery and One in Return   Matthew 22:15-46 
See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark

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