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Kingdom Principle: Suffering: Triumphal Entry? (Part 2)

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When difficult things come to us in life, it brings our focus and energy to the important things – the things that really matter.  Jesus seems to have had a keen awareness of this in his life as well.  As we lean in to take a closer look at Passion Week passages (Jesus last week on earth) from Matthew, he focuses on the things he is passionate about.

We begin with Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem – a gentle entry riding on a donkey.  His first act of triumph is to immediately go to the temple courts for worship.  What he finds going on there causes a passionate reaction from Jesus!

When Jesus enters the temple courts he finds some unwanted furniture set up in the Court of the Gentiles.  And Jesus wastes no time in a passionate manner to rearrange the furniture.  What is it that Jesus is so passionate about?  And does his passion in the temple courts translate to similar things today?  As we begin our study together into the Passion Week teachings of Jesus, we begin with Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his cleansing of the temple.  When Jesus enters into anything, including the human heart, he often rearranges the furniture.

Message: Triumphal Entry?!  Matthew 21:1-17

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