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Kingdom Principle: Suffering: A Triumphal Entry?

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Beginning Sundaywe head into an
extended timeline in Matthew where he goes into greater detail of teachings and stories of Jesus last week on earth with his disciples.  None of it is ‘fluff-stuff.’  Jesus teachings are bold.  His stories are intense.  And in the end, he will be indicted, sentenced, and executed.
Look at the summary of the next couple chapters and how it flows:
Matthew 21:1-11 Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem with all the fanfare!! Worthy of a king – palm branches, people chanting…
Matthew 21:12-17 First thing Jesus does is cause chaos in the temple courts… upsets the status quo…
Matthew 21:18-22 Jesus illustrates with a fig tree the temples coming destruction… inconceivable by anyone, including his own disciples, that could ever happen.
Matthew 21:23-22:14 Jesus authority to cause such a disruption in the temple is questioned – and he answers them by telling 3 parables that essentially describe the temple leaders indictment (1st parable – parable of the two sons), their sentence (2nd story – parable of the tenants), and their execution (3rd story – parable of the wedding banquet).  Its gripping stuff!
Matthew 22:15-40 The temple leaders design a series of questions and dilemmas designed to trap him… some testy questions about taxes, marriage, resurrection, and the greatest commandment.
Matthew 22:41-46 Jesus turns it around by asking them a question and they are unable to answer.  After this, in chapter 23, he goes on with 7 woes on the teachers of the law and the Pharisees and more on the destruction of the temple.  This will all lead to Jesus own indictment, sentencing, and execution.

We are entering into the season of Lent in a few short weeks.  Lent has a focus on ‘preparing for repentance.’  Sunday, we kick off this last week of Jesus life with two back to back stories – The Triumphal Entry and his visit to the Temple (Matthew 21:1-17).  Lets see where this takes us.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Mark


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