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Kingdom Principles: Grace

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Kingdom Principles!  That’s what we are about in the next few weeks.  We kicked off the year with Humility.  Sunday past we focused on Forgiveness.  And this Sunday future we take a good look at Grace. We will also focus on Desire, Suffering, and Mercy in the coming weeks.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”  Jesus is a master story teller revealing the things of God.  This Sunday we welcome Pastor John Terpstra to Crestview, recently retired pastor from Immanuel Church in Fort Collins, CO, and former Pastor of Crestview Church.  He is bringing a message on Grace from the Parable of the Vineyard and the Workers in Matthew 20:1-16.  There will be some time for reflection on the message in the Gathering Room following the worship service in Download.  God’s grace and forgiveness is the ‘great reversal’ of the Gospel.

The better we understand God’s grace the better we will understand God’s will for our lives.  The more we experience God’s grace the freer we will be.  The more we live in and live out God’s grace the happier we will be.

In Him (that is Christ),

Pastor Mark

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