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Advent Series: The Gift of Childlikeness

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Christmas is coming!  Ready or not?!  How is it going for you in making space in your life for the King?  Just as he came to earth through a miraculous conception through the incarnation, he is continually at the door of our hearts desiring to come in.  “God incarnate here (the human heart personally and our world cosmically) to dwell!”   

God is patient with us in this: He stands at the ready, waiting for our focus and attention to be on Him, His kingdom, and His plan for us.  The mystery of the incarnation of God in Jesus reveals the deep mystery of the holy/human weave.  Certainly the holy/human weave is revealed to us pointedly in Jesus.  But it goes beyond Jesus to us in the reality that Jesus comes to dwell in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.  The holy/human weave continues in God’s working and indwelling of our person.

Are we open to God’s presence and working in our life?  Or are we resisting it?  Again, God is incredibly patient with us and he honors our free will and autonomy in deciding for or against Him.  So what will it be?  Faith or non-faith? (Belief in someone or something greater than ourselves… or not?)  Transparency or non-transparency? (Open our lives to God’s will and plan or hide from it and follow our own?) 

So far in this Advent season we have witnessed the gift of God in faith and transparency.  This Sunday we look at the gift of childlikeness.  Jesus invites us over and over in Matthew to become ‘like a child.’   What does he mean by this?  Here are a few texts in prep for Sunday: Mt 18:1-9, 19:14, 21:14-16, and 9:25.  How does becoming like a child look like?

Can’t wait ’til Sunday!  I’m full of anticipation to worship the King with you!
By the way – come and Carol with us this Sunday on Pearl Street 4:00pm!  Meet us in front of the courthouse between 12th/11th street.  Come one, come all!  

Pastor Mark

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