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Advent Series: The Gift of Transparency

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Christmas is a time for giving gifts.  I’ve been thinking about some of the best gifts that be given: friendship, love, and presence.  That’s right – presence, not presents.
I’ve been trying to be more intentional with the gift of presence.  In the relational chaos that we are experiencing in our culture and world today, the gift of presence is needed.
The command of God to love one another requires being present.  I’m not talking about being present physically and spatially (that’s important of course), but more importantly seeing and hearing another.
One of the best gifts that God gives to us is his gift of presence, continual presence through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Experiencing God’s presence with us can be difficult to experience as well because it requires us to be present with God in return.
What will it require for us to be present with God and with others this holiday season?  Slow down.  Be aware of the false narratives that swirl around you wanting to suck you into its vortex.  A popular one is finding your value in busyness and doing more and more things.  Be more intentional to create space and margin to simply be with others and be with God.  After all, we are called human beings not human doings.  So be human and be present with others and with God this holiday season.
Our Advent series continues Sunday with the gifts of Christmas: The Gift of Transparency from Matthew 17:1-13.  Have you ever thought about this, that God made himself transparent to us through the person of Jesus Christ?  Ponder that one for awhile.
Anticipating with you Jesus coming to make all things new,
Pastor Mark
We will be having a congregational meeting immediately following the worship service this Sunday to pass on information on safety education and increased safety measures we are taking as Crestview Leadership.  There will be a time of Q&A to follow.  After our safety meeting, Choir practice will commence!   

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