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Advent Series: The Gift of Faith

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we have so much to be thankful for!  Check out this fun you tube video.
God give us a gratitude attitude!  This past week Deone and I were given the gift of time with our girls. I was able to be on the receiving end of a sermon and a great worship experience.  The pastor spoke on gratitude.  As I sat there my head and heart collided with emotion.  Looking down the row, I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God to me in the gift of my wife Deone and our three girls, and blessed with a wonderful son in law.And this is only the beginning of what God has done for me.  His gifts are amazing and abundant from salvation to Dentist’s (needed some emergency attention last week) to friendship to bicycles.  How about you?  What are you thankful for and how is your heart’s gratitude attitude?The level of negativity and angst in our culture is high.  We are going to continue to focus our hearts and eyes on Jesus during this Advent season.  God has given us amazing gifts through Jesus Christ our Lord.  This Sunday, we will focus on the gift of faith (Nov 26).  In the coming weeks we will focus on the gift of transparency (Dec 3), childlikeness (Dec 10), invitation and grace (Dec 17).

Sunday we will focus on the gift of faith.  On our AB line RTD ride to DIA this past week our bus was packed with millennial’s.  College students were fleeing town for family Thanksgiving celebrations.  In the middle of one of our conversations I was asked “How do you define faith?”  I paused before answering… and out came this reply, “Faith is believing in something and someone bigger than yourself.”

On the plane trip to Michigan, a message for this Sunday was written, The Gift of Faith.  We will look at several stories in the Gospel of Matthew (8:5-13, 8:23-27, 9:18-26, 15:21-28, 16:5-12).  In all of these stories faith is directly addressed.  If someone were to ask you the question, “What is faith?”  How would you answer?

See you Sunday, come with an attitude of gratitude, anticipating and expecting to worship and meet with God.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark


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