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Sent Ones: Go And Neighbor!

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Jesus takes the disciples of a field trip to Caesarea Philippi to talk more about what it means to follow him.  Its an smaller group with Jesus with only the 12 disciples with him.  More and more he is talking about the cost of discipleship and the crowds are beginning to thin out.  When people consider the cost of what it means to follow Jesus, many fall away.

We talked about the core of discipleship this past Sunday: Worship the Lord your God only, follow wherever he leads, whatever the cost, to hear and obey, and living a life of love.

This week we will look at a different aspect of what it means to follow Jesus, living a missional life.  Our text will be from Matthew 9:35-10:42.  We will take a quick look at Matthew 28:16-20 as well.

So what does a missional life look like?  One of the best descriptions of a missional life is found in Isaiah 61.  Certainly this is a text about Jesus.  However, Jesus says that we are ‘salt and light’ and he anoints us with his Spirit to partner with him in the work of building his kingdom.  After reading Isaiah 61, what does a missional life look like?  (Lots of clues in the image!)

See you Sunday!
Pastor Mark


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