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The Kingdom of God is Like: Treasure, A Pearl, and a Net 

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Parables.  Stories that Jesus told about the Kingdom of Heaven.  They open and close doors of understanding.  We will take a look at a couple more parables of Jesus  from Matthew chapter 13:44-46, a treasure hidden in a field and a pearl of great price.

The emphasis on these stories is in the finding (fulfillment) and in the selling out (commitment).  Fulfillment and commitment are two qualities of discipleship, of following Jesus.

The fascinating part of these parables for me is the phrase, “moved by joy…” he went and sold all he had to obtain the treasure in the field and the pearl like no other.  It was out of joy.  Joy in what?  Finding something of infinite value: the Kingdom of God.

This is a great message to hear in our day today where so many things are pressing in on us.  And when it comes to following Jesus we have strange and distorted ideas of what that means.  We tend to develop ‘kill joy’ requirements and rules.  We back away from engaging fully  with a ‘don’t ask to much of me’ mentality.  We say, ‘don’t rock the boat’ when it comes to our commitments.

Read the text for Sunday, two pithy parallel parables.  And read Hebrews 12:1-3.  Jesus was sold out in his fulfillment and commitment to the Kingdom of God.  And the writer of Hebrews also mentions that Jesus ‘sold out’ because of joy.  Joy in what?  Hmmmm….

After this week, we will look at Jesus teachings on discipleship more specifically as he teaches about the cost and purpose of discipleship.  Jesus greatest hits keep coming and they play well to those who have ears and can hear…

Peace out,

Pastor Mark

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