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A Sower, Soils, Seed and Weeds

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Jesus is telling stories!  Stories that reveal the reality, beauty, challenge, and wonder of the Kingdom of Heaven.    Parables speak God’s truth to us on many different levels.  Jesus is a master teacher.

This Sunday we will listen to Jesus story about a Sower, some seed, different soils, and weeds.  Who is the Sower?  What’s up with the soils?  And how does the seed grow?  And how is it that weeds and wheat grow together?  Our message will be A Sower, Soils, Seed and Weeds from Matthew 13:1-30, 36-43.  

Why does Jesus speak in parables?  Why not just say it plainly? The answer to this is multiple.  Jesus says frequently after a parable teaching, “To the one who hears, let him hear.”  Parables open up a world of understanding to those who hear, but to those who don’t hear, there isn’t understanding.  This is a mystery, why do some understand (actually ‘hear’) and others do not?

Always more to explore when it comes to God’s Word,

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark


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