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2-2-2 Part 1: Gates, Roads, Prophets, Trees, and Houses

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I can almost see the finish line!  Well… kinda.  We are nearing the end of our series on the Sermon on the Mount – probably the most well known of Jesus teachings.  But really, the finish line of the Sermon on the Mount is a starting line.

Jesus lays it on the line for us by presenting a challenge and calling for a choice of commitment.  Its decision time.  Which gate will we enter?  Which road will we travel?  Which prophet will we follow?  What kind of tree will we be?  What kind of fruit will we bear?  What type of disciple will we be?  And what foundation will we build our house (life) upon?

Nothing super warm and fuzzy about the ending.  Its a call to the starting line.  All that has been said to this point is pre-race pep talk and guidance for making it to the actual finish line.

This week we will look at Chapter 7:13-23, Two Gates, Two Roads, Two Prophets, Two Trees and Two Kinds of Fruit, Two Kinds of Disciples and Two Houses Built on Two Different Foundations: Which will you be?  What will you choose?

In today’s world, the voices and pathways, teachings and temptations are varied and many that point the way to fulfillment and happiness.  Jesus challenge to us is a very real one.  It is a choice between life or destruction.

When it comes to your life, which will it be?  What will you choose?  

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark

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