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Motes, Beams, and Hypocrites, Mt 7:1-5, Pastor Mark


Building our lives on a firm and secure foundation – that is what Jesus gives us (a secure foundation) and has been teaching us about (a secure foundation) through the Sermon on the Mount.

After leading us to evaluate our seeking ‘treasures on earth vs treasures in heaven’ and our tendencies to worry, both of which highlight things that pull us away from his design and calling for our life, he highlights another area that can draw us away from serving him well: judging others.

In Matthew 7:1-5, Jesus addresses head on our tendency to judge others in ways that hurt others.  We will explore Jesus teaching and the ramifications of it in light of the rest of the Bible.  Why should we use extreme caution when judging others?  Why is lumping people groups together with sweeping judgments wrong?  Can we exercise spiritual discernment in judging?  And if so, what are the conditions for our confronting of others?

Jesus is going to ‘clean our judgment filters’ Sunday.  Praise God!

Pastor Mark

The Cloyds will be with us this Sunday in worship and will lead a special download to share with us there ministry.

Pastor Mark

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