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Where Is Your Treasure? Above or Below?


After Jesus three fold teaching on giving, prayer, and fasting – he launches into a couple of well known teachings addressing the issues of treasure and worry (Matthew 6:19-34).  Jesus is moving us to examine the center of our devotion and desire.  Jesus teaching raises a pointed question: What is the treasure that we are pursuing in our life?
I finally got around to clearing a nasty bush off of the church property earlier this week.  Its an ‘evergreen’ bush… what a misnomer.  Evergreen is not how I would describe it.  The second you get past the outer green you quickly find the inside is filled with a tangled web of deadness.  Years and years of needles and other collected things within its inner branches.

As I clipped away the outer branches, moving closer to the center of bush, closer to the core of the trunk and getting at the roots of this ‘evergreen’, I found some interesting things.  I’ll bring a bucket full of these things on Sunday to show you.  I thought to myself, what a great picture of Jesus teaching!

Jesus just finished talking about hypocrisy in terms of devotional practices like giving, prayer, and fasting – leading us directly into a teaching about ‘our heart’s treasure.’

Jesus is clear in this teaching: Where your heart is, there your treasure is.  Jesus calls the question, “What’s in your bucket?”  In the inner workings of your heart, “What is your treasure?”

Challenging… Confrontational… Core…

See you Sunday
Pastor Mark

Special Download this Sunday:  Jackie from Global Leadership Summit local Boulder team will be here to highlight the Summit’s coming to Boulder in August.


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