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Come and Worship!


Trusting that your 4th of July was a good time for friends and family to get together!  This coming Sunday, July 9th, we will be having a special worship service as we worship through the Lord’s Prayer in a spirit of prayer.  Join us as we spend time reflecting on the prayer Jesus taught us as we walk (worship) through the beautiful prayer.

This Sunday we welcome (install) our new deacons Tom Needy and Laura Westrate.  Thanks to Pam Chappell and Eric Erickson for their wonderful service over the past three years in this role here at Crestview Church.  And welcome aboard to Tom and Laura.

Second offering on Sunday will be taken for Jason Stryd.

Thank you God for the country you have given to us.  May we glorify your name as we participate in your unfolding plan for your world, our country, our city, and our local neighborhoods.  For the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation, we thank you.  We remember today, your faithfulness, your grace and love for us.  Sharpen our resolve Lord to love one another.  Keep us in humility and give us desire and skill in the ways of your kindness.

In you God, we trust.

Pastor Mark 

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