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The Creation Sings Your Praise!

Its Crestview Camping Weekend!  Thanks to Eleanor for all the planning and communication, the weekend has finally arrived.

Weekend Worship Service change:  There will be NO 9:30am WORSHIP SERVICE this Sunday.  Instead, we are having a 6:00pm worship service on Sunday.

You are welcome to come to Saturday’s campout worship service at 5:00pm at the Golden Gate Canyon State Park campground.  Or we will see you at our special worship service time at Crestview on Sunday at 6:00pm.  Spread the word.

The theme for the weekend is The Creation Sings Your Praise!  Our text will be Psalm 19.  In Psalm 19, there are two books that the Psalmist expresses reveal God.  The Creation and Scripture!  We will have some singing and a time of sharing on how we see God revealed in these two books.  Come ready to share ways that you have seen and experienced God in the Creation or in Scripture.

See you at either the Campground (5:00pm Saturday) or at Crestview (6:00pm Sunday.)  Grace to you!!

In Him,
Pastor Mark    

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