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Teach us How To Pray: TLP (The Lord’s Prayer) with TLC (Tender Loving Care)


Prayer warriors unite!

This week has been packed with prayers for Jake, Marty, our city and our world!  And that’s probably the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday, we are expanding our focus on prayer as Jesus teaches us how to pray.  We begin with an overview of the Lord’s Prayer with the text’s context within the Sermon on the Mount: TLP (The Lord’s Prayer) with TLC (Tender Loving care).  Jesus reorients our attitudes and motivations on prayer.  Prayer is an intimate connection with our loving God.  To say it another way, prayer is listening conversation in an intimate relationship with God.

When the disciples ask Jesus, ‘Teach us how to pray,” he responds with a prayer that shapes their hearts motivations and desires.  He leads them in a direction of prayer focused on God, and ‘His image’ in them, rather than prayer that is shaped and directed by ‘self image.’  The entire prayer taught by Jesus comes from a posture of gratitude, trust, and dependence.

In the weeks that follow, we will unpack the petitions of the prayer in more depth.  To conclude this series on the Lord’s Prayer, we will have a special service of worshipping together through the Lord’s Prayer.  Looking forward!

Pastor Mark

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