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Triumphal Entry? Yes and no… YES!


Palm Sunday: Triumphal Entry?  Really?  REALLY!  But not in the way we would think…

The last two weeks of messages have been hard hitters.  Jesus goes after the heart of it all by going after the heart of the law’s design and purpose by going after the heart!  This is what Jesus is after.  He desires to redeem, reclaim, renew our heart.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and kicks off Passion Week.  We journey with Jesus and each other through the incredible drama of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem and then the unbelievable week of teaching with the disciples ending in terrible betrayal and denial of his own disciples of their friendship with him.  And then it goes from bad to worse as Jesus is beaten, flogged, mocked, and crucified on an instrument of torture.  Unbelievable.

As unbelievable as this sequence of events is, believe it.  And as much as we can’t believe the disciples actions during this powerful final week of Jesus life, we must also see ourselves in the disciples shoes… our own rejection, our own denial, and our own sin that holds him, by his own willingness, to the cross – to the point of death.

I want you to take a look at the following passage: Philippians 2:5-11.  These are words from one of the earliest church confessions/hymns.  As you read it, think on Jesus words from the message three weeks ago, “I have not come to abolish the law and the prophets, but to fulfill it.”  Understanding this is critical to our faith and salvation in Jesus.

How does Jesus humbling himself through his incarnation, how does Jesus obedience to the point of death, how does any of this ‘fulfill’ the law of God?  To understand and believe the answer to these questions is at the heart of the Christian faith… their’s that word again… heart.

Life is short… what does God give us, a few decades or more?  Make your life count.  May our lives be found in Christ Jesus.  That in his life, obedience, death, and resurrection – we may find life.  May our lives be lived in the animation and power and grace of the Holy Spirit.

Our text for Sunday is Matthew 21:1-17.  A triumphal entry (?) and an ‘angry’ temple table overturning!  Some powerful truths are being revealed through Matthew’s Gospel.  And that’s exactly what it is: Gospel – Good News.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Mark

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