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Salt & Light


Spring Forward!!!

That’s right – this Sunday we adjust to Daylight Savings Time and spring forward our clocks 1 hour on Saturday night.  We will find out who is on top of this happening at worship service at 9:30am!  If you show up at 10:30am, we might suspect you missed it!

We are springing forward into the ‘Sermon from the Valley (Mount)’ this week with our new TQ (Text of the Quarter).  The focus of the message will be Jesus call of his followers being ‘salt and light.’  What does Jesus mean?  What are the qualities of salt and light, how were they used in Jesus day, and what does that have to do with following Jesus?

Understanding this is wrapped up in a couple of things: Identity and Purpose.  Both salt and light have qualities and purpose for why they exist.  What are they and what is it?  The answers to these questions will go deep in understanding what Jesus is saying about us as followers.

If we are like salt to the earth and light to the world, a bigger question bubbles to the surface: Why would God choose to use us to ‘influence’ the earth like salt and to ‘shine’ in the world like light?

In order for salt to be salt it has to be poured out of the saltshaker and make contact with something.  In order for light to be light it has to interact and push back the darkness.  Hmmmm… Jesus says we are ‘salt and light.’

Like it – love it – can’t wait for Sunday, Get a jump on this TQ and learn it by heart – its an easy one!  Communion celebration this Sunday.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Mark

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