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Why Jesus?


Good Day!

I feel as if we have loaded the rocket with fuel – and the countdown has begun.  Three weeks from now we begin our journey through the book of Matthew!  Get your ticket for a front row seat as we engage Jesus life and teachings through the eyes of one of Jesus closest followers.

We will wonder at his teaching, marvel at his miracles, be left speechless at his perfect pitch of humility and boldness, and agonize as we come to know and then witness the Son of God crucified.  Only God could have thought of a redemption plan like this… to send his own Son, and then, for the Son to willingly obey God’s will in complete obedience… and then to come to the empty tomb and Pentecost (sending of God’s Holy Spirit).

Why Jesus?  Well… in hindsight, it had to be Jesus.  More to come.

Sunday, Eileen Christofferson, will bring a message about story, God’s story and our story.  On February 5th, we will have a special service of sharing, where we can put God’s faithfulness on display through the testimonies of our faith community.  What is it that God has done for you?  How has he done it?  And what your hopes and dreams for God’s will to be done in your life for this year of 2017? Pray on this and be prepared to express these things in succinct ways of thanksgiving at our February 5th worship service.

Then, hit the ignition switch!  We are lifting off in our journey through Matthew.

God will be our refuge, Jesus will be our teacher, and the Holy Spirit will be our guide,

Pastor Mark

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