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Kingdom of God Community: Love

lovestillSunday we wrap up our three part series on Kingdom of God Community: Grace, Truth, and LOVE.  Our culture tells us all kinds of things about love… what it is… what it should be… how to find it… when to fall for it… and there are all kinds of counterfeits… infatuations… distortions…  hard to know what is TRUE love.

1 Corinthians 13 and 1 John 4:7-21 are masterpieces on the topic of love.  I invite you to read these passages as you prepare for Sunday worship.  The love that is expressed and expounded by Paul and John comes from the Greek word Agape.  The simple expression of agape is selfless.  And John says in 1 John, God is agape.  And then goes on to say that we are called by God to imitate God in the ways of agape.  Fundamentally, the call of God is this: “because God is agape to us, we are to be agape to one another.”

1 Corinthians 13 describes what agape looks like…  In light of the teaching of Paul and John in these passages, we could put our name in place of the word love (agape) each time it is used in verses 4-7.  Try that on… put your name in place of the word love, “Mark is patient, Mark is kind… Mark does not envy… etc.”

Now there is a challenge.  God is calling us to be a community of grace, truth, and LOVE.  Let’s engage it!

Following our 9:30am Sunday morning worship, we will be meeting with our Care Groups.  We welcome everyone to stay and attend these smaller gatherings as our elder/deacon teams meet with you for fellowship and conversation.  We are interested in updating you on happenings within Crestview Church and interested in your feedback.

See you soon!

In Jesus name,
Pastor Mark

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