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Fake News


fake-newsFAKE NEWS! Read all about it…
Gotcha! Yes, the headline is just a ‘hook’ to get you to read more.

I’ve been noticing that fake news is far more common than I realized. Its everywhere. You can read it in print, search for it on the internet, hear it in conversations at the coffee shop, its everywhere. I’ve also noticed that of fake news is circulating in the church and affecting people’s lives in significant ways. We are in the middle of a three week series on Kingdom of God Community: Grace, Truth, and Love. When it comes to truth, where do you find it? Who has it? How do you come to know it? And the big question: Is there such a thing as truth?

When Jesus comes on the scene a couple thousand years ago, and God makes an appearance on earth ‘in the flesh’, there was also a lot of fake news. It was in the synagogue, out in the public square, everywhere! What does Jesus have to say about it?

For Sunday, an invitation and challenge: Skim (and I mean skim) the first few chapters of each gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Here is what you are looking for: How does Jesus begin his formal ministry? Specifically what does he say at the beginning of each Gospel? Jesus is bringing into being a ‘Kingdom’ of sorts… and how does he announce it? I’m thinking of three themes in particular that rhyme with ‘fee-rent’, ‘we-leave’, and ‘swallow tea.’

In these are some keys about truth. This is the real news.

Peace out,
Pastor Mark ouzel-falls

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